Return to Eden

Return to Eden

The disunited colours of naturism

I have always said naturism is the only all-accepting community in modern society, where they don't judge on stereotypes and body-elitism. 

Well, it was a naive statement, probably written for my own eyes to read, almost as if to convince myself of the unbelievable discovery. 

Yes, it is true that more naturists as a percentage of the whole are accepting, but in truth the main bulk are as bigoted, xenophobic and bullying as mainstream society, in many cases moreso. Club naturism is cliquey, sexist, discriminatory and hateful and just uses oddballs like me to inflate its "accepting" reputation until spitting us out when we become old hat.
But it all went wrong years ago. I will not engage in details fully here as divulgence may just endanger my life.

I have, though, spent much of the past few years helping authorities, mainly bodies affiliated with the Police, in safeguarding people on the internet. I am instrumental in one imprisonment and another current major investigation for sexual offenses. Besides that I may be responsible for dozens of other acts of justice not reported back to me. It seems I am good at it. I have cleaned up and closed down several naturist sites for sexual abuse (most noticeably NudistSpace for several months). 

Some people donate to the World Wildlife Fund, so maybe this is my contribution to God's planet.

Sadly I got caught up in establishment corruption, where I, quite unknowingly at the time, exposed an illegal crime ring that was associated with authority. I have been stalked ever since, stopped by police at random 168 times in 8 years and set up with a bogus criminal record. 

It has not, until now, affected me unduly. After all my injustice is nothing compared to poor Sam Hallam, who lost his father to suicide due to his wrongful imprisonment on based on malicious lies from the forses of law and order. Shit happens! There are tens of thousands of victims of injustice.  It is one of the pitfalls of the terrain.  So I just avoided fighting establishment tyranny, which could be life-threatening .......and got on with my life. 

All was well until I received several reliable, matching accounts from responsible people that one of the thousands of bullying, bigoted, sociopaths hiding from society in naturist cul-de-sacs has engaged on a witch hunt and campaign of slander against me, on the internet and in live gossip with people she hardly knows if at all, that is driving me out of the lifestyle.   

It even happened at the start of the World Naked Bike Ride, an environmental event to which I sacrificed myself fully for the benefit of others. She gatecrashed my home turf, like a burglar making accusations against the homeowner of the house he is abusing. It is psychological rape!  

Just picture a megalomaniac who works hard to establish herself in a manageable small cult just to inflate her ego and tramples on anyone in her path, particularly those who don't fit into any of her narrow-minded pigeonholes. 

Yes, of course she is unpopular, but she is immovable. It is impossible to fight his abuser as she is an honorary officer in one of naturism's leading organizations. She carries weight, in more ways than one! 

The irony is that, when this individual was under flak on forums simply for being herself, I was the one who defended her. Why? Because I know she is a sufferer of ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and, having suffered that myself, I am aware how aggressive and irrational it can make people. So I sympathised, naively believing there was a decent person under the monstrous exterior. This made me a minority of one. I misjudged her; I was wrong! 

Now, as a gesture of gratitude to her only protector, she has decided she would be best glorified by spreading slanderous stories about me going around photographing naked children. Outrageous! Has anyone ever seen a photo of a naked child from me?  As many of my friends have opined, there are no facilities where her false accusations could be carried out. Cameras are not permitted in naturist locations; rightly so! 

Moreover I am incapable of originated sexual precepts her perverse mindset has defied biology.  

So it is all lies of course.

Where did her slanderous fantasies start?

Firstly, I have reliable reports that a certain Dennis went to naturist clubs alleging that I had been convicted of flashing at schoolgirls. As my good friends say, "Ridiculous, what have you got to flash?" Well, it is taunting from a safe distance. Besides that .....why would a naturist flash, when he effectively does that for a lifestyle? 

But the point is that one of those clubs was where this monster prowls, narcissistically and falsely claiming she runs the club, to the distaste of the club patrons. This Dennis gave the oppressor fuel for her cannons.

Could a perverse mind could have fantasized it from my record? Possibly; but she could only obtain that record illegally. I assume she is too clever for that. 

Therefore the slander is just idle fantasy manufactured from rumours. A hate campaign from a pathological hater! 

Alas, slander is not a CRIMINAL offence. I cannot afford a civil action.  I will of course sue her to the limit of her assets when I am able to afford it. But I am still in the fallout from putting my nephew through university.  

So I am guilty of having no money!  

The upshot is she has complained to that organization where she lurks like a black widow spider.  Incorrectly, they have suspended me ....on heresay ...on a rumour!  Clearly ethics do not exist in naturist officialdom. Regardless, being ostracised from that organization has effectively ended my life as a worthwhile existence. 

Naturism is all I have! 

I must give credit that certain people within that organization, officials, are going out of their way to help me get out of this problem none of which is of my own making .....probably because they know me. But as I said above, they are a minority. Even if they do clear this up, I can never join this organization again on principle. I can never forgive a club or organization that would tolerate such an abuser of human rights, let along endorse and house her as a kind of false prophet. And she is only one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of naked neo-nazis there. 

The trouble with having a free society, with freedom of speech, is that it gives full power to extremists.... which is why we have terrorism, the British National Party and this .......naturism's honorary life human rights-abusing tyrant.  

I do still have my good friends who know everything about me and trust me ........because they know me. .....and because they are intelligent, capable of judgment. So I can still enjoy certain naturist or naked events, such as country walks and the World Naked Bike Ride. 

But I will probably (have no choice but to) disappear from mainstream naturism, where I suddenly feel like the only Jewish man in a Nazi community. 

So, I am back in the attic, ostracised from society because I am different, nominally because I stood up for, defended and protected minorities and those unable to protect themselves. 
  • I can hardly go out into a society that used to beat me up when they saw me undress in a leisure centre changing room.
  • I can hardly go back to a society of perverts who cannot see nudity without thinking of sex, hence they will not allow me to be my natural, naturist self.
  • I can hardly go back into a society built on sexual obsessive compulsive disorder, where every activity, song, fashion renders me hormonally and psychologically incapable of adaptation or contribution. 
Which, by de minimis, leaves me with....... NOTHING!     

So what is the point carrying on?  

I am indeed Edward Scissorhands!