Return to Eden

Return to Eden

FEATURE: Naturism: The New Wave; where are they?

What is the Gospel according2 Will Golden?

Well, I ain't preaching2 the aged.  This is a message 4the guys n girls who R one step up from ther playground, the new adults, but only just the old kidz.

I have been 4ages trying to create a home 4 nudists of all ages simply coz, 2 me, naturism is a "lifestyle".  If it is 4 grownz only, then it is nothing better than another form of "adult entertainment", check?  To be a lifestyle it has2 regenerate, so the new gen (the kidz) is more important than any other part of the community.  I work with the Internet Watch Foundation and I.I.N.I. and have 2 kidshaggers in or on the way in2 in jail on my CV.  Gimme the dap; I earned it!  No kid gets hunted on my watch!

So who R the kidz?  Well forget this 17 against 18, minor v. adult standoff!  2me, kidz R people who have not 4gotten how2 renew day2day.  So in truth U couldB a 40-y-o kid, but society rules that past a certain age U R dying slowly, waiting 4 the light stead of switching one on.  Experience dictates; invention conforms.  The offset tween grownz n kids is wider than ever and youth is driven in2 an ever-crowding corner, from where the only view outside is in2 the dual-mooned world of materialism n fantasy.

But what about the literal kid, the child or the teen? He is erratic, hyperactive, rebellious, moody, mischievous .....annoying, right? Think again! These dubious qualities when taken in2 adulthood evolve in2 creativity, artistic talent, scientific invention, personality, leadership. Without them our kid is an automaton.

Every1 thinks years ago it was stricter 4 kids. Kick it! Kids were encouraged, they contributed 2 stuff, the community, they drove their own interests. In turn given the responsibility, they took the responsibility. They just became self-disciplined. it wasn't the rents. But their rents loved them enough 2give them their lives.

Not any more. Individuality is taboo. We in the western world cry freedom, but in reality we are all sheep and our kidz R but lambs 4 the slaughter! 

Kidz do not need another schoolroom, another set of grownz rules, to be pushed around and sent2 bed.  They need2 be understood.  Too often we hear, "Kidz have no respect 4 adultz!"  Why?  That is only a symptom.  For every symptom there is a disease that causes it.  The cause is clear:


It's as obvious in nudism.  Only the minority of nudists were brought up in the lifestyle.  So what about the juniors whose pals are anti, rents are anti and then get banned from internet nudism coz they R under-18.  Without a refuge they can go 4 advice, guidance n friendship, they are abandoned 2 just wander on2 a nudist beach and mostly fall in the wrong hands. Thankfully the perversion is missing, otherwise it would be mainstream society, Babylon Central, on a campsite. 

Rents wear them like jewellery as if they R status symbols, like the 3 cars, the pedi poodles and the 4-bed detached. Can't be beat down by the neighbours! Hell, no!  - They R dragged along without a by yo leave!

- They drag them into their own ageing activitys.  Young people can sheep in with the petanque, tennis, darts etc......err, what, with their walking sticks?
- They dress them as adults and force their daughters in2 pageants (prosti-tots or what? The pervy motives make me shudder @the thought!).
- They make them as unnaturally serious as it can get 4 a kid.  "Naturism is quiet, peaceful."  Why..... is fun tabu?
- Then they make them strip, whether they want2 or not.   Yeh U can't keep the threadz on  2,4,6,8-yos, but what about the unavoidable?  Come changeling time and there R issues, provoked by a perverted mainstream society. Like a dude has2 be a mack or he's dead! Did any1 ask them? MayB they wanna stay dressed! MayB they wanna command their own space!  There R dred reasons why sometimes they wanna stay kitted! Naturism ain't about forcing a dude 2B naked, its about freedom 2 dress as U wish!
- Then finally @the day's end, the rents R in the bar with the kidz confined 2 quarters, or should that be "eighths", given the size of the caravans!

What about younger values?  Just look around nudist sunclubs. Where R the kid, teen n twixter interests?  Everything is even too retro 4 me; FFS!

What the kidz need is their own stage, their own platform 2speak.

Now, I have two teen-friendly all-ages nudist sites, both new, both identical, though I may in time give them different moves.

My sites are custom set 2 give young naturists this safe haven n bring them home.  The first has some members coz I migrated them from a Ning site... but they gone cold.  I had2 ball-out the webhoster,, 4dumping pervy adverts on the site but it's now stymied by squeezing4 cash I can't afford!   But Socialgo is still up! 

Yet.... hardly any1 posts, speaks, does shit! These kidz R so driven out by the older generations that they have become institutionalised wallpaper in their rents' houses! They are raped of personality. We even have an un-education system 2keep them in place. It's not their fault, but they have been banned from being kids.

We play safe on my sites, we have2!  Right now the sites have no photos (a) 2 keep mainstream authority perverted mindsets from closing us down and (b) to leave no bait 4 the paedos!  Look, we know what we look like buffed, we don't really need 2 see it!  But respect and trust 4 our nude lifestyle from out there wudda been cool!

Look these kidz got 70 years to be perved out, greedy, warmongin and ball-up shitheads like us.  Let them have the first 16-20 years without the pressure, the hang-ups!  Can't we do this 4 them?

Nudism is in catharsis.  Youth associates nudism with FOPs.  So they stay in duds!  They rebel, turn bad-ass!  How do we (a) give them the grit 2 strip and be comfy with themselves, (b) help them identify with what's eventin round them (c) get them 2stay in the lifestyle and... most cool..... (d) give the damned coma patient some fresh juice?

Easy!  Bring their kicks into the place, their interests.  Not just that, but get the grownz 2 join in their stuff so the kidz feel cool about doing the older stuff in recipro.  Talk their language, cut making it a schoolroom!  Most of all..... let them feel as naked n happenin as growns, without having 2B old!

Less protegé n mentor; less "Us'n'Them", check?

How do we get it done?  Together would be a start.  But we gotta make moves B4 we lose them all!  If I can't get some kidz, teenz n twixterz in my sites soon then they too R gonna die! We need the new adults, fresh outa the memory of teenz, 2take the baton and lead the younger nudists back2 the lifestyle.

We have such a hi-tech world, everything @our fingers, but alas where every1 is miserable. We can create wealth, but we have 4gotten how 2 create love, create life, create purpose! Where R the generations that spawned Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Malcolm Mclaren, Damien Hurst, or further back, Beethoven, Asimov, Byron, Dali, Picasso? How do I reach the budding heroes on the edge of naturism, 2give rebirth 2the lifestyle? 

Where is the New Wave?

Well I assure U they R still there. They R just locked in the caravans.

So, ...... who has the key?

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