Return to Eden

Return to Eden

SUSSEX UNCOVERED (under construction)



   The first naked walks I dared venture in Brighton, yes, right on the edge of town, near my home. I       never knew they existed!  


   Will walks Newmarket Plantation & Falmer Hill 2011 - Walking the South Downs provides       some of the most aesthetic, peaceful, beautiful naturist environments  


   Will's Sussex Naked Walk in west Sussex 01/10/2011, taking in the Iron Age rings at Cissbury and       Chanctonbury  


   A windy October 9th, 2011, in Sussex, from Cuckmere Haven, over the Seven Sisters, back thru       Friston Forest - probably the last of the Sussex Naked Walks for 2011!  

dead fingers clutch at life


   I walked the Arun on Sunday October 24th. It's about 6 miles as the crow flies. But I made it 12 miles       by following the bank of the river all the way.   



   Walked this weekend with Richard Collins. He built up my courage2 walk the seven Sisters and back       naked with dozens of people about . My fears were dispelled as only 1 person made a skank comment       against several poz greetings from others. I think maybe most people R cool with nudity long as it's       in a natural environment, like the countryside. U just don't flash your way thru Marks n Sparks or the       town square that's all!  



   Exceat - Friston Forest - Deep Dean - The Long Man - Alfriston - Cuckmere Valley - Exceat. 11:30am       to 7:00pm , Thursday 29 March 2012   

   Richard and I stripped at West Dean at the start of Friston Forest and never got dressed again until       our return to Exceat, except for Alfriston village and a pint of Abbots at the George.   

   We encountered dozens of clothed people of all adult ages. With several we had endless long       conversations, with one couple for 10 minutes at the head of spectacular Deep Dean; the remainder       waved to us and greeted us as they passed, from near or afar.   

   We asked the Landlady at the George what she would have thought if we had walked in naked. She       replied that she would have been shocked ....but she would have still served us!   

   There was not one look or word of disapproval on the whole trip.   

   100% approval of naturist walkers by all who encounter them ........I have never known of this before.       Is this progress?   

   I would have asked them to join in photographs with us if I were not concerned that it would be       rude; too forward and imposing. Was I correct? Or do you think that next time I should? ...and how       should I approach the question?   

   If I died today, I would feel that I had in some small way achieved something as a naturist. All-in-all, a       day to remember!   


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