Return to Eden

Return to Eden

FEATURE: Sex: and the Lost Planet of Doom

Sex: and the Lost Planet of Doom

When the vast majority has gone bad, is there any hope for what is good?

If I were a truly religious zealot, I would assume that Judgment Day had been and gone and that we, all 7 billion, are the residue wandering the Earth worshipping the devil.  But I am just another Christian who is only too aware that our fate is and always has been in our own hands.

The world has become sick; or at least the anglophone world of Britain and the USA!  Obsession with sex has taken over all bar a few of our minds.  The devil we worship is our sexual ego.  We are no longer measured by achievement, intelligence, personality or beauty.  We are gauged by our physical body's sexual scoreboard, or at least how we like to portray it.

This was never the case decades back.   To our enlightened grandparents, love was not predominantly about sex.  True love is something that lives between two souls, not between foum legs.  They stuck with each other through every challenge.  When the sex left, better friendship, trust and understanding moved in.

My exposure to relationship breakups around me and my regular reading through even serious "agony aunt" internet sites proved this is no longer the case.

In particular, the honest "Experience Project" revealed that, of 80 cases I read of relationship breakups, just two instances cited financial stress as the reason.  In no example did the partners split because of:- clashing eating habits, diaposed musical taste, holidays from hell, no common interests/friends or even simply they got fed up with the sight of each other.

In all 78 remaining cases out of 80, the reason cited for the breakup was, without exception, .......SEX! When the physical side stopped or slowed, the relationships died.

What this means is rather alarming.  In all 78 instances, by deduction, neither partner had anything other to offer but sex.  The evidence here is that their entire time spent together was sexually motivated.  This is unnatural!  All life-forms are of course ordained by nature to emphasise reproduction and survival in their lives; but in the ratio of about 1-2% against 98-99%; it's a jungle out there!  But to spend virtually your entire life motivated by sex only is biologically untenable.  Maybe the comfort zone of technological advancement has made survival so easy, we have only the reproductive element to motivate us. Except, of course, we no longer get together to procreate, but just as a game for adults.  And that game has become as addictive as poker, or as any PC game.

But, if we look at the trends in society:- fashion, reading habits, behaviour; this biological anomaly has clearly overtaken the vast majority of the population of our world, if not everywhere else.  It is a condition of the mind and is a disorder.  That mass-illness seems irresistable and can best be described as.....


The main problem here is that, as the vast majority suffer this condition, they think it is right.  This is not in any way logical; most of us have pilfered something in our lives, but it does not make stealing right.  If the entire world went down with HIV, should we stop treating it?  Clearly not; because it is not "right"!  Sexual OCD is a collective fault in the third millennium human psyche.

One of the accelerators of this disorder is the downfall of any sense of responsibility.  We are now more liberated than ever.  However, with less formal responsibility to others in the community around us, we have mostly become more selfish.

This selfishness is reflected in this particular subject area in carnal obsession and the resulting sex-only relationship.  Think about this rationally.  I put it to you that, technically, the only person that sex is making love to is yourself.  It is instigated not by any remote feeling for your partner but spontaneously by the need to satisfy urges in your own genitalia.  Your partner is a purely physical convenience for this.  In this obsessive environment a genuine  UNCONDITIONAL  love for each other cannot possibly germinate.  This is the chief reason that love for your own body is all you have to share.  So, when the sex stops..... well, we are back where we started!

This is not something I have suddenly discovered in a moment of inspiration. We were warned about it years ago, more than once. When George Romero wrote "Night of the Living Dead", it was more than a B-movie; this is why it became a cult classic. Romero was trying2 tell usthe impending threat of supernova corporations and media giants brainwashing the population en masse in2 a downhill avalanche of decadence. This was an allegory. This is where we are with the fashion industry and its sexual hypnosis, Google with its mindbending propaganda ad paedo-enabling googlegroups, and finally drug, alcohol & porn pushers now so huge they are bigger than, rather than simply above the law.

Given all the political undertones throughout John Wyndham's work, I have no doubt he was relating the same analogy in Day of the Triffids. The very few of us who are left standing against the onslaught are having to hide ourselves like Bill Mason behind metaphoric electric fences. In the books, the good guys were never actually seen to win.

Romero and Wyndham were geniuses. But alas nobody was prepared to listen to them.

But the pansocial fixation that "sex rules ok!" is damaging more than casual relationships.  It has compromised victims of abuse.  It is open season on everyone out there, of all ages!  Yes, read as written; it is that horrific.

We hide behind an age of legal majority of 18.  Yet we all hypocritically encourage media (magazines, TV programs, internet sites) who sexualise the interests of all children of teen age.  We exploit the vulnerability brought on by adolescence.  Why do their dubious adult protectors do this; for the kids' sake, or for their own?

I have over the past decade studied psychology.  The internet has been a great enabler of access.  But now I wish I hadn't bothered.  It is a great temptation to psychologically profile people as you meet them, but the conclusions should be met with helmet of resilience.

My experience is very stark.

Casual everyday conversations I have with young women from European cultures reveal confidence, approachability, compromise, respect and trust in their personalities.

Yet the same friendly approach to many British and American women, an unhealthy large minority, is met with the antonymnal defensiveness, bitterness, materialism, verbal abuse and paranoia.

These are classic reactions of females who have been sexually abused sometime in their lives.  In the cases where the damage is deep, the root cause will have occurred during adolescence.

It is not cultural difference.  If that were the case, the different nations of Europe would vary just as starkly.  But they carry an amenable sameness, in contrast to the anglophone neuroses.  America and Britain are losing it, if it is not already too late.   And our young girls are the social holocaust.

Take a look at the American peculiarity of Child Pageants.  Girls from toddlers to late teens are dressed as sexually as legally permitted for the benefit of a voyeuristic audience.  Have you noticed the age range of their fathers?  They rarely seem to be in the 25-35 range (when sexual frustration has not yet onset), rather well over 40, even 50!  These males in all probability have wives of the same age, who are growing lines and falling out.  So, if the father needs to look elsewhere, who is most likely to resemble the partner he was sexually drawn to when he was coming out of his teens?  His darling junior Pageant Queen?  This is just one example of a trend across society.

In an increasingly material world, the media-exposed teenager is aware of the new Wii, the new dress for that party, the false security of a dubious parent.  If a little closeness guarantees the goods, who is to gainsay it?  Then we protect these abusive parents by allowing them to keep the child indoors, under the pretext of safeguarding them.  But is this abuse of privacy legislation a deliberate but unofficial way to stop them telling tales out of home, as if what goes unseen does not matter?

But why are these young girls not complaining?  Maybe they are still too naive to suspect their own "loving" family.  Or is it because they are so numerous, they do not see it as abnormal?  Why do you think Britain has three-and-a-half times the teenage pregnancy rate of the next worse culture in Europe? Because unlike their continental counterparts, they have probably been trained for a lifetime of wanton sex since adolescence. Right now I don't particularly want to face the question as to how many of these teenage pregnancies were not at the behest of other teens.

Many of you know my birthright and that I was for social protection (from cultural bullying) brought up as a girl for the first 10 years of my life. Well, my male androgens marked me as a bit of a tomboy, but I did have four female pals. Poignantly, all four were in no way secretive about the intimate relationships they had with their fathers. So I never went to their parties. Having said that, when I look back and psycho-profile myself I may not have been as afraid of being raped as of being revealed as not a genuine female. What a sad indictment of our evil society that the innocent eyes of a small child should see more fear in bullying than in being raped .....because rape is deemed normal!

So, what is apparent is that, all of a sudden, an obsession shared between millions of consenting, if out-of-control, adults, has moved into this new, ultimately evil phase...... incestuous child abuse! And the sickening worry is that trends suggest it may not be uncommon.

But if it is only one innocent child out of a hundred, surely it is two too many!  Surely?

I needed to escape this Babylon.  I moved into the world of naturism.  This is a world where people wear no clothes.  In the society I was escaping, that is a dangerous enabler.  But I found  a world of honesty and respect, where women and children are safe from sexual abuse, where familiarity with the naked body fully relieved the obsession of the outside world.  Sex is not a part of our open community.  If a male is seen pointing due magnetic north, he is thrown out of the gate, closely follwed by his clothes. Self-control is second nature to this honest community.

Our children are exposed daily to the naked body.  But it never imposes itself on them.  It simply walks nakedly by, it lays around naked soaking up the sun, it sits naked in the canteen patiently waiting to be fed.  It is Gods, or Nature's, greatest creation.  To pervert it would be the ultimate sacrilege.  This should be the answer to mainstream society's ills.

Maybe, I thought, we could teach mainstream society the error of its ways.

But it cannot possibly be, because we are naked.

Obsessively, instead of learning from us, outsiders try to gatecrash our Eden in search of swinging parties, easy pickings.

Then, and this is the most damning evidence against widespread sexual OCD, think on this!  It is not illegal to be naked in public anywhere in the UK or US.  It is not illegal to post innocent naked images of anyone publicly in those countries, so long as they are not sexual.  The right to "Nudity without more" is protected by the US Constitution and by US Supreme Court ruling.

Yet, try to post clean, non-sexual nudity on the internet.  Moderators remove it, not because they have to, or because it is obscene, but because they are perverts and see it though perverted eyes.  To sexual obsessives, nudity = sex!  They are incapable of perceiving the naked body without becoming sexually one-tracked, aroused even.  Now, answer this!  Is a child in the bath not naked?  So where does he lie in this mindset?  Are these people allowed to bath their kids?

I have spent so much time protecting children on the internet through Internet Watch Foundation (CEOP) and the Innocent Images National Initiative (FBI).   I have personally brought about the imprisonment of one child abuser and the ongoing investigation into another case.  But it is not enough; I cannot change a widespread mindset.

I did not want to have to paint this picture any more than Dante Alighieri needed to portray his Inferno.  Like Constable and his landscapes, we both just laid out what we have seen with our mind's eyes.  Have I given up, or is this one last call from the heart?  Sexual Obsessive Compulsory Disorder exposed!

I was about to retreat from your rotten world overrun with sexual OCD like the onward march of the Triffids, behind the safety fence scripted for me and my community by an alternative John Wyndham. But I can't! What about the millions of kids out there. It is like leaving them to die, to become zombies, abused. I can't do that; We have2 fight, because the new generation is all we have left, our last hope. They R not little adults; they R kidz. To rob them of their childhood years is the worst of all crimes against humanity.

I now half-expect 500 million messages of abuse and ridicule from the obsessives of the UK and USA.  But if I can just reach a chosen few, perhaps a quarter of a million, people with conscience and human insight, I will take it all on the chin.  If I can open half a million eyes, that is a lot of people.  Gather them together in Trafalgar Square and they could not be ignored.

To me, what hurts cannot over-ride what is right.

Is there anybody out there.  Is there anybody with the strength of spirit to resist the sexual OCD that is killing our communities and abusing our kids?

Mon 13th August 2012
a campervan trip with Rick to Studland Beach and Abbey House Gardens ........and the sudden descent into naturist hades!

I had the most awesome weekend. My good friend, Rick, and I decided not just to visit the idyllic Abbey House Gardens, the UK's premier true naturist destination, but to take in a day at Britain's no.1 naturist beach at Studland as well. This meant a new discovery, the Studland Summer Camp, a welcoming, all-accepting, unusually social naturist campsite. So it was the best weekend of the year, awesome, beautifying, inspirational, escapist!

........but it was also the worst!

News filtered through on Saturday. A 10-year-old girl, a child, had been raped in the Studland dunes by a 50-something man (if that is the appropriate noun)

The naturist area is only a mile of a 5 mile stretch of beach and there is no confirmation as to where exactly it happened. But there was general concern that naturism would be somehow blamed. Probably true .......but who cares?

We are not dealing with "us". We are dealing with a child..... Moreover a young prepubescent girl who has had her childhood stolen off her. We only get one, maybe up to aged 14, maybe 16, but we cannot go back and have another shot. It is a life sentence for her. Against that, what does naturism matter a fuck? I would never get undressed again if news could just break that it was a reporting error .......if it could only "unhappen".

Is this all going to stop sometime? Or is God dead?

Look, I know I am terminally annoying in my asexual lack of understanding and tolerance of a sex-obsessed society; my jihad against sex in naturism, against obsessive recreational sex! Beyond life's most important event (producing the next generation) I really don't understand why you people do it to the exclusion of everything else creative in life. True love is not about rubbing skin together! True love is what we should be teaching our kids...... not this!

But I do accept facts, irrational as they are, in this 3rd millennium Babylon. If this throwback had taken out a 15- or 16-year-old I could understand it. It would not make it right .....but I would see the motivation.

But a 10-year-old girl? Please! What satisfaction can you get yourself when your partner is not yet biologically capable of sharing your ecstasy? Why did he do it? To a child? Will somebody please explain WHY????? I need to know, because if Rick and I had travelled a day earlier, it would have been within 5 miles of us. It is that close to home.

So many of you look at this horror with genuine sympathy, but most of you will not really understand. You will not have gone through it personally. It is not something you want to remember. I was lucky; I escaped... and I was 14/15 anyway. But it could have been me all those years ago. It could have been YOU! Yes; shit happens; but does it have to? To a child? WHY?????

I have spent 10 years now working with bodies like the IWF and IINI, trying to bring an end to all of this. But they are everywhere and if you touch them they turn it on you. Yes; maybe this monster is a freemason (like the Ripper), perhaps a policeman, or a teacher, a childcare officer, or even a nobody ....maybe after all he IS a naturist!!!!

But whatever he is, it is not part of my world of choice. I always titled my profiles "born different to make a difference". But I can't! I am sorry, I tried. I don't think I can go on fighting anymore.

So what do I hope for? Well, right now, I hope someone else gets to him before the police. Because if it were me, I would be arrested for what I would do. .....and there isn't a court in the country that would convict me for it. But I am not going to be that lucky to be the one, am I?

It is not enough anyway, because it will happen again in your 62.5-million-member brothel. Don't you all realise; you are out of control? You made this beautiful, innocent little girl. But you had already made this man, this monster first priority.

....and she is ruined for life!

I am sorry little girl but please don't let one bad day take away two decades of childhood. Let's play a game! Let's pretend it is still last Thursday, that it always will be Thursday, that Rick and I never got to that awesome weekend, that I am not writing this! If only!

I cannot help but feel it could have been any one of you, with your fixation with recreational sex, a blasphemy on the gift of procreation. How would you like to have to find something else to do, something worthwhile, like real love and leave the kids alone?

How would you like to be like me? Or maybe that would be better. Maybe I am not the unlucky one after all.

But I still have to watch it happen!

WHY????? Please! I don't understand!

Thu 16th August 2012
I am close to giving up on naturism in the UK. It is a lie! !

I was in a field full of people full of tears on Sunday and I was one of them. But alas it is unfashionable and doesn't sell well!

So........ even within naturism, it appears the rape of a 10-year-old is less important than the egocentric gains to be gleaned from the promotion of naturism,
.....probably less important than bank opening hours, I guess! It is not anyone's fault, it is just the socially conditioned priority of the perverted masses.

Even if you think that a bit harsh, "it" is still bad news and we don't want to hear that, do we? Dear me; no!

You see, the trouble with the new marketing drive in naturism, the Facebook mindset, and its attendant 3rd-millennium 20- and 30-somethings is that they are part of the problem, not the solution. .......and it has now hyped its way into infiltrating British Naturism. Of course the self-styled celebrities of our grave new world, generally, will probably avoid children where possible .......they get in the way of the ambition of greed, image and bedroom olympics our media have brainwashed us into.

So if you stand up for what is right, if you write something serious about an event that is consciently uncomfortable, they censor you. I wonder why?
.....Is it because openly mourning a human disaster has no profit margin?
.....Or is it that recognising and addressing the evils of society isn't good for the planned smiley-icon personal image?
.....Or is it because the sexual-OCD-driven playground that our world has become, with its constituent sexual obsession, rape, perversion, whoreline fashions, broken familes, abused & neglected kids and disposable relationships, is still home field?
.....Or is it just that they don't care?

I suspect (hope) it is just options 1 & 2.

You cannot just "market" and "sell" naturism, like a second hand car; because once the car has gone, you have lost it.

Continuing the analogy, think of introducing our lifestyle to someone as like offering them a lift. You don't then just run over the first cat you find and pretend it never happened. Like the car, naturism does have a dark side and it is important that we drive safely. So although road signs like "diversion, rapist in dunes" are awkward and bad for motoring .....ignoring them is not an option.

My view of naturism is one of meeting the OCD of mainstream society and trying to lead its members back to a world of conscience, responsibility, sharing, trust and loyalty. The principles of what we believe in are right, but they are unfashionable.

It is fine talking of "non-sexual naturism", but sexual OCD is the obsessive mainstream environment which we cohabit. So we cannot just march in unguarded; we have to prepare the ground for us to move in. We have to tell "them" what they are doing wrong, not just go into their bordello and wrap our naturism in a condom!

It is fine, also, to talk of "freedom", which is my own starting philosophy, but you have to address the side effects, ostensibly to whom you give freedom:- terrorists and murderers uncontrolled big business (e.g. banks) who buy a life above the law and defraud the nation into mass despair the seedy world of the online pervert freedom's Frankenstein monster, who lies in wait in the dunes to destroy a small girls entire life.

That is freedom, like it or not! Freedom untethered is a world of speed without brakes.

We are a political movement, not a marketing drive, whether we like it or not. It is a world of personal sacrifice and martyrdom.

If you don't want to talk about it, if you don't want to face it head on, you are not worthy of carrying the flag of naturism.

But in the end, notwithstanding all the above girl's life is surely worth more than a million naked bodies!


Mon 3rd September 2012
Naturist Action group; is this naturism's last hope?
Ah well, sadly I cannot help anymore!

Naturist Action Group had a meeting to discuss the future of naturism in the UK .....and where it is going wrong.

I would attend. I have hours of stuff I would like to say. …..but I am short of money & time. …..and it is a long way from Brighton to St Albans and I dont have personal transport. …..also, most poignantly, I am close to giving up on naturism in the UK. It is a lie!

Everywhere we hear of “non-sexual naturism” yet swinging is as universal as it is not-very-well-hidden behind curtains.
Everywhere we hear of acceptance but every ruse is taken to drive away or discourage minorities.
Everywhere we hear of tolerance, yet it is most naturists who are clandestine and shut themselves away from the world like a naked Amish.
Everywhere we hear of the “lifestyle”, yet there is scant life allowed in case it encourages noisy people out enjoying themselves.
Everywhere we hear of safety but there is abounding evidence of child exploitation (I shall tactfully avoid the word “abuse”)
Everywhere we hear the word “community” but in reality the lifestyle is a collection of egregious autarchic couples spitting venom at everyone who steps on their territory.

The final straw came in the wake of the rape of a 10-year-old girl in the dunes behind the naturist section of Studland Beach.

The only concern I ever read was the fear that naturists would be blamed. What does it matter a f*** what the world thinks of us. This is about a little girl’s life. Is that not more important than the freedom to strip in public? Get some priorities!!!!!

I started a Facebook cause where naturists could volunteer to take a beach break every now and then and timeshare some dune watchdog work with a couple of colleagues. This would be enough to scare off any abusers. That is all it takes; a little sacrifice. Then it would stop!

Alas….. NO INTEREST!!!!!
Evidence that naturists don’t give a s**t!

But maybe there are too many distractions these days…. financial greed, extra-marital relationships, nights out on the tiles, virtual reality fixation, drugs & alcohol.

Whatever happened to community in the UK? Naturists were supposed to be the last bastion …..instead we are just the next bastards!

I shall just continue the fight alone. If I have any money to spare I shall go to Studland on sentry duty rather than going to the “Playground” for a meeting. Maybe there will be one or two on the way with conscience and community, but I have allergies so I won’t be holding my breath.

Naturism was my hope for the future of society. I can’t even see the horizon any more!

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