Return to Eden

Return to Eden

PROFILE: About me and the love I need.

Have the hypocrites of Naturism finally stitched me up and got rid of me?

Will 2012 be my last year in the World Naked Bike Ride?

If so I will go out with a poignantly miserable, cold, wet, windy epitaph.

I have reason to walk away from naturism. Although the lifestyle has more accepting people than mainstream society, the counterbalancing bigots, bullies amnd demons are incomparably evil. Worse still, they are led by a established, albeit almost universally unpopular, icon of the naturist movement; she is the lifestyle's most self-important megalomaniacs. It seems, in compensation for having to pretend to be an accepting human in the first place, that slander and defamation are acceptable upgrades of the medieval public lynching of someone who dares to be different in more ways than just physically.

Still, I am not the only pariah; anyone who dares stand agaist the xenophobic, obsessive, hypocritically depraved, self-interests of the community and our society in general is fair game. It is a shame the lifestyle (misnomer) is not a little more grateful for efforts of others.

I will help organise the London event for those who are innocent and worthy, the riders, they who truly accept. I just do not need to jump into a fast lane full of psychotic drivers, that's all. I just have to walk away. They have won!

Who knows, I may just convince myself to make just Portsmouth next year if the weather is fine, just for the spin of going out on a high note. If the weather is like Brighton this year, I do not need to be depressed beyond the grave. I just need a sign from God sometimes, that is all!

Anyway, I shall always be there, available and naturist, for my many wonderful friends, all whom I shall never desert....
Richard - the Rev Trev - Liz - Bernard - Rick - Steve - Jesse - Frank - Kiran - Kathy - JohnOC - Rebecca - John - Mel - Theresa - Gary - Chris - Brian - Barry - Chris again - Darren - the Rev John - and Cheridonna, - not to mention Bexy & Kathy, who do not know the whole story, but treat me with a respect I never really expect in my life. .....thank you, all of you!


If any of you hear that I am going around photographing naked children, it is a lie, a malicious lie, slander, defamation under the 1994 Act, and will be met by civil action when I can afford it.

It is a desperate slur, given that photography is verboten at all naturist venues.

It is also almost certainly based on a criminal offence by the same person, which will be pursued this week.

It is insulting to me, given that I have been working with agencies such as IWF and the FBI (IINI) for many years handing people who do that sort of thing over to the law.

Worse still, she invaded and hijacked my own territory. The World Naked Bike Ride is where I have sacrificed myself for a cause and for the people who support it. She went out of her way to propagate here hateful slander around the riders. I have witnesses! Have you ever heard of such a malicious, predatory female?

This is not the first time I have been assaulted by malicious individuals. The last time was by corrupt people in authority, who should know better.

I can say no more to you now, as I wish to keep the identity and details sub judice for future legal action.

You know what is so ironic? It has little to do with me and my physique, the bane of my life to date!

I have been a naturist for 5 years and am active, even organizational, in everything I do in the lifestyle. I rarely travel outside the south-east of England. Everything I need for a satisfying naturist lifestyle is already in the region. Except, so far, female companionship, except4 one beautiful day below, on Brighton Beach!

I am a little different2 the average male. I want a girlfriend, but she has 2B a bit special. I am celibate (i.e. non-sexual) and do not identify with the sleazy priorities of mainstream society.

I have never had a girlfriend. I am not gay at all; it is just that I do not do sex, which is a bit of a sticking point in a sex-obsessed world. In truth I am not designed for sex anyway. My partner will hopefully not demand it. But I do thrive on closeness and affection.

Love exists between two minds. It is about sharing, comforting, identifying.

Similarly, friendship is not about competing with each other, or using each other for image projection or a weapon in a mating game. It is about common ground between you, again sharing, comforting, identifying.

So who am I looking for in life? Who are you?

It is simple. You will be of the same mindset as me regarding Love and the S-word.

Do you remember your first boyfriend as a teenager?

You shared everything and had fun together. Like today as you are much older, there was too much to do. There were not enough hours in the day. But you did nothing sexual, did you? Yet you still loved each other!

Perfect .......wasn't it?

So what's wrong with perfection?

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This is personal and a bit self-indulgent so U don't have2 read it!  I'm just feeling a bit shit @the moment, socially.  Some FAQing Valentine!

Spose one of the head reasons I became naturist, once they axxepted me, was hoping2 find a female companion, a naturist friencess, along the way.  Not sexual, coz I ain't; just real close n intimate, sharing!  The same search goes4 pals generally, including guys, I guess.  

Trouble is, coz of my birth circumstances I never passed puberty.  Then, coz our minds and bodies act as one, I consequently have a prepubescent mindset too, i.e. immature, boyish.  

They gave me a top pscyho-an to try to help me "grow up".  Trouble is I don't wannaB old!  I don't fit in with nudist club type retirement stuff.  It ain't my hood!  Yeh, I luv nudehiking!  But I like clubz'n'discos; I like sports; I like 2012 music; I like being a noisy doof; I like being a loose cannon.  .......I like me!

Yet it never works the other way!  Younger people don't wanna know me coz I am really 48; I'm a FOP!  

But people my own age don't wanna know me either, coz I act (naturally) like I'm 20-something and talk different stuff2 them.  

I get so envious when YBN arranges fun events.  I'm time-expired!  

So the only places I can go2 R like Starkers n Nudity.  TheyR 75% sex.  I don't mind the sex, it doesn't embarrass me or send me postal.  But when the dudes start pairing off 4 skins, I'm like the 13th loaf in the baker's dozen!  

It's easier in the summer coz everyone's like altogether.  Then the world Naked Bike Ride crowd I really tune with.

I just want some fun, clean fun ......and somebody 2 hold n cuddle ....and 2laugh my life away!

I think I do, I guess, as much as I can! But I'm still looking4 my friencess!  If I can't find her mayB I can find some naturist homies!


Up close and personal!

I'm 1 in 20 million. Like Bruce Springsteen, Joe Montana, Isaac Asimov? Well, not quite! 

46xy karyotype male? Yeh normal!
Born with no genitalia, no testosterone? Err; not so normal!
No sex? Yeh that's cool, I have no urge, sensation or profile! Only missing the ugly bits!  

Childhood? Well, be surprised! That wasn't so skank, kids R more axxepting!
Adulthood? Domain of paranoia, mockery, perversion, discrimination n virtual death!  

30 years marginalised, no g/f, no love!
30 years in leisure centres, ridiculed, even evicted!
30 years in limbo,
30 years in clothes, afraid 2undress!

So.... one day in depression I stepped ironically on2 a nudist beach 2punish myself, 2seek ridicule.
Instead, all the naturists axxepted me, welcomed me as just another guy on the beach.
Which I am!

So I never went back2 malicious, mainstream perv society with its bullying, rape, child-abuse, prejudice, war n greed.

Naturism is the perfect fit 4me .....moral n non-sexual where society is depraved where society is paranoid big self-respecting family where society is fractious n divisive.

It is my home, my people, my family. Of course, my family is not the same blood group, no noticeable genetic link, not all the same race, creed, sexuality, but we R all God's family n that is all that matters.

Naturism is how God intended us 2live b4 the harbinger of evil introduced us 2original sin.
Mankind still mostly follows the serpent!

Naturism is where we R stripped down2 our true selves, nowhere 2hide, no scope 2deceive, we are open n honest.

I am sorry if UR shocked with my images of myself, but that wouldB your prejudice, your weakness, not mine.

But on the EXHIBITION page, I shall also showU my fave pix (all from my friends with their full consent) from the only hood worth hanging with as my way of saying thanxxx!

Yeh, I'm here 2stay, I ain't going back. But U can join me if you like!

Luv'n'Hugz, Will

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