Return to Eden

Return to Eden

ENVIRONMENTALISM - The World Naked Bike Ride

world naked bike ride

It wasn't the Brighton organisers' fault; they were brilliant. But the weather was skank for the second consecutive year. Yet the ride was awesome.

Here are my best pix, with the help of a couple of my good friends.


Well it happened. We couldn't have the Park so we started at Wellington Arch. Total chaos, and completely the fault of the Police and other authorities. But the ride was awesome. Here are my best pix.


Why is woman at her most beautiful when carrying the next generation?

Because that is the one thing she can do which man will never emulate, achieve or take away. I appreciate this more than any other male.

I was so humbled and privileged to share most of the Portsmouth ride with Amybelle, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and 5 months pregnant, but hell-bent on fighting to provide a safe planet for "HimHer". That's what we came to call the impending arrival during the Ride, as AmyB refuses to find the baby's gender, because ....why should it matter?

I could not let her ride alone, just in case something were to compromise the most important thing in life! But AmyB is stronger than me, because she has the female gift of eternity.

I have posted a few pictures here thanxxx2 help from my friend and Ride photographer Darren Smith, alias Bike Tripod.

It is likely I shall never see her again. But maybe she, I and all my friends riding the World Naked Bike Ride have made the nursery a little safer and more homely in the Fall for Amybelle and little HimHer. .

Just click the thumbnails!

world naked bike ride




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