Return to Eden

Return to Eden

THE GOLDEN HORDE - gilt-edged friends

"Back to Nature"


Jesse is the best friend a guy could wish for. He once said2me that I am the most masculine of all his male friends. That was like jet fuel and I ain't looked back since.

He's forceful, yet non-aggressive, reliable, yet adventurous, laid-back, yet inspirational.

Despite his own serious life issues, Jesse always seems to be looking2 help others. The drive behind the World Naked Bike Ride is only the tip of the Jesse iceberg,

He will never be a politician, but he will always be a statesman. .....and a friend!

Jesse is 46xy karyotype soul brother.

Richard is a man's man, every sense.

Get arrested riding naked for rights everywhere. No holds barred. Nothings too serious. Total blokeage, divorsé, roughs it, dontgiveaFAQ, take life as it comes, luvz a pint!

Yeh, I guess he's still horny as a rhino curry. Ain't coming near me though FFS, lol!

In truth he has never imposed on me, has always treated me as any other guy. He's always there 4me n he's my buddy!

Richard is 46xy karyotype fun guy!

I'm one of the 95%!
Do I believe? If not, what point is there for me? If so, why me?
In all, what role am I here for?

Liz n Trevor, though, make me feel part of the team. Of course, you trust your team and they always have, standing by me when others nearby who know me better have sacrificed me to their 3 craven Gods of millennium society .....Mistrust, Prejudice and Xenophobia.

Trevor is devoted to his faith and equally so to his trusted friends; the lost virtue of loyalty.

Rev. Trevor Humber is 46xy karyotype brotherhood of man!

I don't do sex. It ain't a design feature; no testo = no sexo senses.

But I had one physical r/s n it was short; public too! Seems I was good. Don't bust me down; it had2B done 4me 2B accepted in an oversexed world! result: in the eyes of the crowd I'd arrived.

All coz Barry didn't see me as missing something. In a way we dovetailed. Barry is gay. I ain't. Sometimes wish I was now. But that time was croosh 2my coming out alive.

I can't thank Barry nuff 4what it gave me. Ain't seen him in years. Thats skank!

Barry is 46xy karyotype intimate buddy.

Theres something about Siberfi.

He's @every London naked bike ride and the bodyart is like amped!

He camps it up like this every ride yet ain't 1 bit camp.
He has a way with the ladies but ain't 1 bit MCP.
He doesn't even realize how important he is to me.
All round cool guy and, I hope, one of my naked hood! I can only watch n learn.

Si is 46xy karyotype inspiration!


JOHN LITTLE - the rational, steadying influence when it gets to me too much.

BRADLEY EZVALT "RICK" - my nearest naturist neighbour and a friend like Richard.

FRANK LEONHARDT - the WNBR guru who dragged me out of depression when most needed.

BEXY BANHAM McGRAW - my female fountain of life who makes me more fun than I usually am.

STEVE ALLOTT - the inexhaustible philanthropist, who simply understands.

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